MG Webtrends Graphs

What is MG Webtrends Graphs for?

If you want to embed Google Trends graphs in your website this is the plugin for you. With an easy-to-use shortcode builder integrated with the editor you will be able to insert your parameters and get the graph in your website in a few clicks.

Now, from v0.3, you can also specify the timeframe of your graph or show average values.


  • Upload the plugin’s folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  • Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  • Click on the icon in the editor toolbar and follow the wizard – or
  • Place this code [mgtrends h="xxx" w="yyy" q="+first+term,+second+term" loc="US" val="std" sdate="01/2004" elaps="12"]  in any page to show the graph, where:
    • h is the height,
    • w is the width,
    • q is the list of terms to show (please note that you have to use a + before every word and trim the spaces while with a comma you can separate the terms)
    • loc sets the location of the search
    • val determinates whether the graph must show normal values or average values
    • sdate set the start date of the data in the graph
    • elaps set the time-frame from the given start date (in months)



  • Added option to limit timeframe.
  • Added option to show average values.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Added the shortcode builder to the toolbar.


  • First release


If you need support please use our Support area or check our FAQ!